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Camping Adventure -CHAPPELL, NEBRASKA

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Most of you who follow me on Facebook know that I left Maryland Memorial Day weekend to go to Chappell, Nebraska to begin to look after my dad.  I spent the entire month of June getting his business affairs in order and him settled into nursing care.  I drove out with Bootsie in tow because I knew that I would be getting rid of his State Housing Authority apartment and would need a place of my own to stay while here.  It began innocently enough.  I arrived on Saturday night of the holiday weekend.  

My Dad's cousin and her family always gather at Lake McConaughy in Ogallala, NE.  Google maps was not kind getting me there.  first she routed me off I80 an exit too soon (although it is the quickest route) and took me up a little county road for about 5 miles to then turn left on another county road, only this one was a dirt road, or better yet, a muddy road because it had rained A LOT that day.  It was too narrow to turn around and risk getting stuck with Bootsie behind me so I just did some quick acceleration and powered my way through the mud for a bout 3 miles praying that I would not get stuck out there in the gathering darkness.  I made it.  My truck and Bootsie were a seriously muddy mess!  The first time I had got that much mud on the truck, and the first time for Bootsie.   It was done now, so what could I do.

Spending the night on the lake was amazing and I woke up to this in the morning

The waves crashing against the shore.  Wow Pretty amazing.

I left the lake shortly after this photo was taken, and headed into Chappell to get set up and see my dad.

I stayed at Creekside RV park.  At one time my dad and his wife Charlotte owned creekside.  They sold it when they decided they needed to Full-Time RV like so many of the people they encountered.  The park changed hands a couple times, but Mr. Riggs who owns it now had done a lot of work and its really in good shape.  It is a nice place to stay.  That said however, there is a very slow dial-up wi-fi signal (No video capability), no cellular service, no television signals.  I was in Chappell, a farm community of about 985 with nothing, I mean NOTHING to do.   so I took photos.  A lot of them.  this entry is going to be pretty much photos.  There isn't much story to tell to go with them.


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