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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

My Second trip out was to Rocky Gap State Park in the Maryland mountains.  I had a nice drive through space, but it did require a little work getting level.  There was a perfect spot for me to hang my hammock.  Let me tell you, laying in a hammock with the breeze rocking you...I can't think of any better nap than that.

This particular trip, the weather was pretty cold and damp.  It rained a lot and the wind blew a great deal, still getting away and being disconnected from the world is pretty liberating. My first night I slept so well that I didn't even get up until around 7:30 in the morning.    The afternoon proved to be pretty nice with the sunshine and breeze, another losing battle of the nap in a hammock.  Oh well, what are you gonna do right?

Had to cook dinner inside the camper, it was just too windy and cold to be outside.  I even had to roll the awning in to keep if from possibly getting damaged

Got up and decided it was nice enough to get some hiking in.  Headed to the Dam and waterfall.  Saw some of the overhang rock shelters that the indians used to get out of the elements.  Pretty cool sight. 

Following the rock shelters I headed toward the water falls from the Dam.  I came across the falls and climbed up to the top where the run-off was.  Looked much like a stone canyon. Very peaceful listening to the water run and fall.  

So I decided to sit for a while and listen. After a few minutes I decided to climb down to the bottom of the falls.

On the hike back to camp, I paused by the shore of the lake. There were a group of birds that were skimming the  the surface of the water, then in a moment they would buzz by me, then back across the surface of the water.  I think they were trying to get the bugs that hover just above, or on the water surface.  The would dart back and forth so quickly they were hard to catch, but after A LOT of shots, I managed a couple relatively decent photos of them.

I have no idea what kind of birds, but it really doesn't matter.  I had a lot of fun watching them and trying to capture them in action.

There is a story of a man who left from somewhere up north to live as a hermit.  He settled on top of the mountain named after him.  I decided to hike up to the home site.  Turns out the hike was only about 1.8 miles, however there was a 690 foot gain in elevation.  It was a rocky challenge.  BOY was it a Rocky challenge, but really enjoyed doing it!

It was raining the next morning.  I decided to run to the Casino for the breakfast buffet..(Btw, not all that....certainly not worth the cost charged.)

Last night here... I think that 4 nights straight is a bit long for a camping trip.  I ran out of things to do without getting in the car and hunting for things to do.  I am going to re-think the length of my trips moving forward.  As I was walking around camp, I ran into the Forest Ranger that was on duty.  He asked me which site was mine, and I showed him.  He was going from campsite to campsite letting everyone know, the gate code had changed.  Evidently they change every week.  We stood in the road, and I have to say, he was so very handsome.  Those green pants fit just right in all the right places, and the tan uniform shirt hugged his chest and the short sleeves his rather muscled arms.  We talked about hiking.  I told him about my trip up Evart's Mountain.  He had not done that one yet.  We discussed Yellowstone and Yosemite on the West Coast- He did have to bring up the girlfriend (Of course--they always do..)  We had a nice chat and they he had to go on about his rounds.   (Ohhh.  What we could have done.  But that could be another story for another kind of web site.  Not this one.)

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