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Spring in February?

Today, February 2nd, was such an amazing weather day. The sun was shining bright, light breezes blowing, the warmth that just made you feel good.

How many times do we get a day that is nearly 70 during the winter? (Especially here in the Great Plains!) Today! And I took full advantage of it. I started walking along the South Platte River trail, then took off to Buffalo Bill State Park, then over to Scouts Rest Ranch. Today was a day to spend in nature with my camera at the ready.

Buffalo Bill State Park was host to the most brilliant blue sky today. The only sounds was the wind blowing in the trees.

Then over to Scout's Rest Ranch to wander with the camera.

When these days come along, you really should take the time to enjoy them.

This is how I center myself, and get my mind ready to continue to take on the world!

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